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they are:
Cyrus Bolooki-drums
Ian Grushka-bass
Chad Gilbert-guitar
Steve Klein-guitar
Jordan Pundik-vocals

Coral Springs, Florida - a town better known for hurricanes, crocodile-infested swamps and incontinent old people than for its music scene has remarkably spawned punk upstarts New Found Glory (NFG).

Reeling from the nasty little trials of everyday life and failed relationships common to everyone everywhere, the members of NFG banded together in the summer of ’97. Bent on creating music reflective of their feelings while expanding the narrow definition of "punk", NFG blend together equal parts of hardcore, emo, and rock to position themselves at the forefront of the next generation of music.

The band’s lyrics are true-to-the-heart and straight-to-the- point combined with a sound that is pure energy and unfettered passion expressed through distorted amps and hooky choruses. NFG is an easy anesthetic for hang-ups and break-ups. Lyricist Steve Klein describes his writing as, "Just about relationships and growing up - things everybody knows about. This is a record about looking forward to new things and moving forward in your life."

Their new self-titled album follows closely on the heels of their ’99 full length Nothing Gold Can Stay and their ’00 EP From The Screen To Your Stereo (a movie themes tribute CD) which have sold a combined 30,000 in the short time they have been released. While the new CD maintains the sound that won them legions of fans, MCA’s involvement with drive-thru meant NFG were able to spend more time in the studio for this session, singer Jordan Pundik explains, "It was less stressful, we didn’t have to worry about time, so we could get more creative. Also, this was the first time we worked with a producer (Neal Avron) and that extra set of ears allowed for more experimentation."

Having logged over 50,000 miles in their van, blazing live sets in over 100 cities with the likes of MxPx, Unwritten Law, The Get Up Kids and Reel Big Fish, NFG established an enthusiastic fan base while proving their versatility and mass appeal. With their contagious lyrics and live performance sure to convert even the most timid, New Found Glory engages their fans in their boundless energy. This experience earned them both the ’98 Slammie Award, given to the best new band in Florida, and cemented their reputation as a must-see-live band on the Van’s Warped Tour when NFG out drew the main stage headliner.

NFG - music for anyone who’s ever been in (and out of) love.

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